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Tradition and individuality are becoming ever more important for the discerning, modern consumer. There is an increasing focus on quality and handcraft. The new mey story project entitled “their story” brings together different characters in unique and exciting ways; characters whose products embody the same passion, creativity and attention to detail as the brand itself. The result is a creative collective whose special allure lies in its diversity. Every member of this collective represents “Handmade in Germany”, each with their own special way of showing their passion for this exclusive quality mark.

The project is a new and very personal expression of the premium brand’s values, the essence of the principles that have brought four generations of success to date. The ensuing pictorial and theme worlds form an impressive portrait of the individuality of each unique personality.

Is carefree consumption still an option? Not according to Matthias Mey, the heart and mind behind mey story, and Michael Kugler, head of the Stan Studios creative agency.

A conversation on credibility, true luxury and the new simplicity in our wardrobes

Dirk Hoberg is the head chef at the Ophelia restaurant in the city of Constance on the shores of the lake that bears the same name. Under his direction the gourmet restaurant has quickly become a notable hub for fine dining on Lake Constance.

What he loves most about his job is the creativity and the fact that you can reinvent yourself and put your ideas into practice every day.

Meike Lohmann is a visual artist who specializes in landscape painting. Her works display a fascinating connection with other handcrafts such as embroidery, for example.

She decided to become an artist because she wanted to be creative and knew that she had a talent for it. She integrates her own thoughts and interests into her works.

Markus Meindl himself, originally a qualified tailor who later went on to study textile technology, was obsessed with clothing and its production as a child.

In this way he developed a great passion for genuine handcraft from an early age. Today, more than ever, the company brings together craftsmanship and technological innovation.

The designer duo Talbot Runhof have very exacting standards for their products. The classy cocktail and evening dresses are produced exclusively in studios in Germany. Both men have always had a close relationship with fashion.

Runhof grew up in a family of fashion producers and retailers, while Talbot’s mother was a seamstress for American country singers. They love their work and are proud of their creations.

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