Kera Till Shirts –
with illustrations 

In cooperation with the illustrator Kera Till, we create our high-quality mey story women's shirts with wonderful prints. Charmingly and with a twinkle in the eye, the drawings illuminate the small details that make life that little bit more beautiful every time.

The mey story t-shirts from the Kera Till collection for women are made with high-quality workmanship and the fabric made of 92% organic cotton is pleasant to wear on the skin.

The different prints highlight topics such as fashion, body positivity and self-love - so that when you reach into the wardrobe in the morning you already have a small smile on your face before the T-shirt is even worn.

A good illustration tells a whole story with just a few strokes and puts a smile on the face of the viewer. The scene is so lively as if you were there yourself.

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