Fabian Lück –
summer essentials

Simple basic T-shirts in white, blue or navy belong in every man’s summer wardrobe. Versatility in style is guaranteed with this mey story T-shirt. The striped knitted band on the collar adds a fresh accent and the colour provides a versatile basis for mixing and matching with summery accessories.

The mey story T-shirt features a stylish accent at the neckline – perfect for a walk by the waterfront or a classic boat trip. Fabian Lück combines the shirt, featuring the knitted band, with simple white trainers and pleated trousers. The cut of the trousers, which have an elastic waistband, and the dark beige colour, typical of the classic yachting look, break with convention without deviating too far from the nautical style. Fabian wears a modern style, which is stylishly dressed down with small yet unique details.

Ein sommerliches Shirt, welches klassisch ist und dennoch mit einem unerwarteten Detail überzeugt? Dieses T-Shirt von mey story findet hier genau die richtige Balance.

The T-shirt is made of long-staple cotton, which is spun into “compact cotton” yarn. This ensures that the surface of the fabric feels clean, smooth and high in quality. The cut of this T-shirt is casual and the two sleeves are turned up at the hem as a summery detail.

The knitted band at the neckline is knitted from coloured yarn with a unique texture, ensuring the perfect transition from the T-shirt to the band with an identical dyeing method and colour. The band is extra flat and doesn’t wear out at the neck. The colour is repeated on the left-hand side of the hem with a short strip of tape.

mey story T-Shirt with knitted bands

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