Fabian Lück –
the polo shirt

Polo shirts are boring, square and have no business being in a modern wardrobe. Right? On the contrary – mey story has reinterpreted the polo shirt and, together with Fabian Lück, shows how you can wear this casual classic to create a stylish look. The special feature of our polo shirt is its “Ice Cotton” cool material.

The mey story polo shirt features an innovative material – called “Ice Cotton”. It has a cooling effect on the skin, which you will feel from the moment you touch the high-quality fabric.  The shirt is made of extra long-staple cotton, which has been refined into this exceptional cotton yarn, specially for the summer. The effect is produced by the cotton fibres, which are tightly twisted without tearing.

The fabric is knitted as a fine interlock with two rows of needles. The two-fold processing makes this fabric more elastic and durable than single jersey, and gives it the same feel on both the inside and the outside of the shirt.

When developing our products, we pay attention to the finest details, which make all the difference – such as the offset shoulder seams or the integrated collar band.

Fabian Lück wears the polo shirt in a laid-back style with black trousers and cool white trainers. This combination is perfect for a casual look: The trendy, classy green adds a colour accent and highlights the sporty style, together with the white shoes. If you prefer a classic look, you might go for our polo shirts in navy or white.

As well as its innovative material, you are bound to love our polo shirt’s thoughtful details and perfect fit. Special attention has been paid to the cut of the collar and shoulders to ensure an optimal fit, so you can wear it in a business look with a suit or blazer. This is achieved by the band in the collar and by the shoulder seams, which are slightly offset to the front.

Another special feature is the French button placket. This means there are no externally visible seams next to the buttons and the fabric continues smoothly all the way to the edge. There is a small slit in the sides of the hem.

mey story polo shirts

What do you need to know when wearing a polo shirt?

  • The length of the shirt and the sleeves is essential: the distance from the sleeve to your elbow should be approx. ten centimetres and the hem should sit at hip height.
  • The polo shirt should flatter your body shape – it should neither fit too tightly, nor too loosely.

  • For a sporty look, the top button should be worn open. For a more elegant or formal look, you can close all the buttons.

  • The polo shirt can be worn over trousers – there is no need to tuck it in.

  • The collar should always be worn turned down.
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