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The mey story leisurewear in different shades convinces with high-quality details and materials. Both articles presented by Fabian Lück are 100% made in Germany and have been piece-dyed by a gentle process. The leisurewear in the color "Estate Blue" consists of a TENCEL™ and cotton blend and feels particularly soft. 

Fabian wears our mey story leisurewear with white shoes as he walks through the harbour of the city of Hamburg. The pleasantly radiant blue is reminiscent of deep water in the sunlight and stands out discreetly from the classic, dark blues such as "Navy".

Thanks to its high TENCEL™ content, our loungewear is super soft, yet durable. The cut of the sweatshirt and the comfortable elastic waistband of the track pants, with an adjustable drawstring in contrasting grey, ensure a relaxed fit.

The ripped bands on the collar, cuffs and trouser leg are soft, smooth and stretchy. The crossed-over flat-lock seams on the neckline are an eye-catching little detail, subtly accentuated by the triangular insert of ribbed fabric.

What’s special about the colour “Estate Blue” – both items are garment-dyed in Germany.

The garment-dyeing process used on our items in Germany is extremely gentle on the fabric and produces a high-quality result. We dye our mey story loungewear as a complete garment using a reactive process. These means that the item is only dyed after it has already been sewn into a finished article.

Through this innovative dyeing process, the colour pigment penetrates deep into the fibres of the fabric, where it remains firmly anchored. As a result, it lasts for countless washes without fading or washing out. Once they are finished, mey story products with the “garment-dyed” label look just like products made of pre-dyed yarn.

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Sweatshirt – garment dyed

Track Pants – garment dyed

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