Fabian Lück –
the linen shirt

For the height of summer, the mey story range features a T-shirt with linen content. Linen fibres have a natural cooling effect on the skin, as they quickly absorb moisture and release it back into the air. The cut of the linen shirt is casual and athletic, so it can be worn in a wide variety of looks.

Fabian Lück combines our mey story linen shirt with the loungewear shorts from our Basic collection. Together with white canvas shoes and a nautical hat, they create a cool summer look that looks equally stylish on a walk down the promenade during the daytime, as it does on a night out in the evening. Thanks to the comfortable, relaxed cut and light, natural materials, the outfit is also perfect for hot days.  

The special, natural structural elements of the fabric are created by its fine linen content. The fabric is designed in-house at Mey and knitted at our factory in Albstadt (Germany).

The combination of linen and cotton produces a unique fabric that is knitted up to 100% at our company headquarters in Albstadt (Germany). The linen fibres create subtle variations in colour in the fabric and partially shimmer through the surrounding cotton yarn. This gives the fabric its natural, sustainable appearance, and subtle deviations from the snow white colour tone.

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