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Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof have always had a close relationship with fashion. Runhof grew up in a family of fashion producers and retailers, while Talbot’s mother was a seamstress for American country singers. At Talbot Runhof, the connection to art and culture is something of a tradition – be it in the form of installations and performances at Documenta Kassel, at the Salzburg Festival, in the Neue Pinakothek in Munich or with gallery owners such as Robert Walser and Karl Pfefferle in Munich. Since 2009, the duo have also been designing costumes for plays, such as Cayetano Soto’s production of the ballet “Carmen” at the Theater Dortmund, or Janacek’s opera “The Makropulos Affair” at the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich.

“For us, Handmade in Germany obviously means quality. It means flexibility and it’s something we practice in our everyday life.”

While the creative work of Talbot Runhof takes place on many levels, the selection of premium materials for their cocktail and evening dresses always takes priority, be it classic fabrics or experimental high-tech fibres. Talbot and Runhof are involved in the entire development process of their garments and maintain a close relationship with their producers and suppliers in France, Italy and Switzerland.

All Talbot Runhof dresses are produced exclusively in studios in Germany. Not only does this allow for the direct collaboration between the designers and the production department, but also for the exceptionally high quality for which the “Made in Germany” title is known worldwide.

“Regardless of what I buy – whether it’s clothes, interior decor for the home or items for the kitchen – it needs to match my style and give me a good feeling.

But I’m especially particular when it comes to clothing. For instance, I only ever wear cotton on my body, which is why mey story is such a wonderful fit for me because it's clearly the best you can get."

Johnny Talbot | Fashion Designer at Talbot Runhof

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