Markus Meindl –

For Meindl, tradition has been more than an obligation from the very beginning. Now in its 11th generation, with a history that can be documented back to 1683 and is still being written to this day, the instinct for products that people crave is a defining aspect of the long-standing culture and success of the family-owned company.

For decades, the leather specialists have dedicated themselves to working on products that we use in our everyday lives. Even Markus Meindl himself, originally a qualified tailor who later went on to study textile technology, was obsessed with clothing and its production as a child. In this way he developed a great passion for genuine handcraft from an early age.

“Handmade in Germany is something that I associate with my own overarching story. We are a German company and it has always been extremely important to us to have our production in Germany, and this is something we have stood by.”

Today, more than ever, the company brings together craftsmanship and technological innovation. Materials are chosen based on environmental factors. The result is products that will never be out of season; products that stand for true sustainability.

“I like this project because of the honesty behind it. This clarity and simplicity, the tradition that it’s based on and the entrepreneurial thinking.

And the product itself is wonderful. For me it's a T-shirt that can just as easily be worn under a sweater as with my Lederhosen in summer, but it's also something I can pull on when going to bed."

Markus Meindl | Entrepreneur Meindl Fashion

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