Maike Lohmann –
Visual Artist

In a barren landscape, an empty building sinks silently into the ground. In the enigmatic atmosphere, the gathering of an illustrious society raises questions on the reason behind the meeting. The bright sky hangs lazily in tattered and complex layers of colour.

“The exciting thing about my work is that I can concentrate on so many things that I am interested in myself.”

The settings that Meike Lohmann creates in her visual worlds are enveloped in a suspicious silence. Multiple layers of paint, sanded away again in parts, trickles of paint, shimmering figures or the dramatic use of threads, yarns and embroidery intensify the mysterious beauty of the works. The paintings tell stories of long-faded memories, depict images with the underlying disquiet of a Hitchcock classic, portray motifs of elusive moments of an enigmatic lingering.

Meike Lohmann studied under Prof. Peter Angermann at AdBK Nuremberg. The artist lives and works in Stuttgart and Nuremberg. The Bavarian metropolis is home to her studio in the “Auf AEG” cultural workshop. The thing that Lohmann appreciates most about mey story is that it emphasizes the importance of handcraft and how multifaceted it is.

‘“I think it’s great that Mey’s active in this biosphere. We only have this one world and should pay a lot more attention to sustainability.

That’s simply our obligation in our society. It’s wonderful when such a large company incorporates an issue like this.”

Maike Lohmann | Visual Artist “Kauft mehr Kunst” (wich means: buy more art)

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