Dirk Hohberg –
two star chef

I like this project because of the honesty behind it. This Dirk Hoberg is the head chef at the Ophelia restaurant in the city of Constance on the shores of the lake that bears the same name. Under his direction, and thanks to its modern interpretation of French cuisine, the gourmet restaurant, as part of the 5-star Hotel Riva, has quickly become a notable hub for fine dining on Lake Constance.clarity and simplicity, the tradition that it’s based on and the entrepreneurial thinking.

„Von meiner eigenen Persönlichkeit stecken 110 % in meiner Arbeit. Das Restaurant Ophelia, das bin ich und ich versuche so viel von mir da hinein zu bringen, wie nur möglich.“

The 35-year-old Westphalian native, who previously worked as a chef in gourmet temples such as Steinheuer’s “Zur Alten Post” restaurant (two stars) in Bad Neuenahr and the “Schwarzwaldstube” in Hotel Traube Tonbach (three stars), was awarded a Michelin star in 2011 – only one year into his tenure in Constance. A second star followed one year later. What Hoberg loves most about his job is the creativity and the joy, but also the fact it allows you to reinvent yourself every day and that you are fully responsible for what you do.

“For me, the most important article of clothing is a white T-shirt, because it’s simple and goes with everything.  

I can wear a sports jacket over it – it's casual, but still elegant. I can wear it under other things. I basically wear a white T-shirt every day. And I have quite a few of them in my wardrobe.”

Dirk Hohberg | two-star chef at restaurant Ophelia

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